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June 22, 2016
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July 21, 2016
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World Watercolor Month with Orange Kitties

Cat & Chair

Celebrating World Watercolor Month with a couple of orange cat images.  Just cleaned out a file box with watercolor images that I did several years ago.  Here is my big orange kitty, Leo, in our wicker chair and an orange kitty at a front door that was inspired from a photograph. Happy Watercolor Painting!

Cat & Door

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  1. andedj1 says:

    In the picture of the cat by the door with the plants…………I couldn’t help but notice the wonderful softness of the green plants with their flowey soft lines you drew. It accents the softness of the fir on the cat and the soft nature of a cat. But even better is how you contrasted all the soft lines with a solid base to weight it down in the bricks on the doorstep and the straight lines of the door frame. Simply beautiful……Thanks for sharing. Dana Dedycker ________________________________

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