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October 11, 2012
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Rebecca Finds Time to Sketch

Finding time to practice your hand drawing skills is always a challenge.  Here are four of Rebecca J Stahr’s  sketches from her blog site.  It look like she catches a bit of time during her day to do her sketching work. What a great idea to have your sketch book and drawing pen handy during your day.  Here is a quote from Rebecca about the image below “I spend twice a week sitting in my son’s karate class. I get to sit and do studies of people.”

She is a fine artist who specializes in portraits which are featured on her website Rebecca J Stahr Fine Artist.  Just like an athlete, she keeps her hand drawing skills “in shape” by doodling around every day. Thank you Rebecca for this inspiration!  Take time to view her other quick sketches on her blog site.


  1. Chelsea Garrett says:

    I believe the only way to become better and better at hand drawing is to constantly practice and constantly challenge yourself and train your eye to draw what you really see, not what you think you see.
    These sketches are free and flowing but also dynamic. My favorite is the chair with the jacket thrown over. She seemed to start with contour and then adding many different line qualities to give so much life to that chair and jacket. Its wonderful. Gives me inspiration to take free time to practice a useful skill.

  2. Marina Marjanovic says:

    Absolutely amazing. I have, many times, tried to draw keys, but they never end up looking like keys. However, reading this, I guess, reassures me that practice makes perfect. Just have to stick with it. Very nice!

  3. Amanda Thornton says:

    I really enjoyed looking at Rebecca’s blog and taking in her artwork. I especially like her watercolors. I love the idea of doodling everyday not only to keep your hand drawing skills in shape but also to help document your day.

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