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April 16, 2012
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Local Fire Stations as Art Inspiration

One of the fun aspects of living in Jacksonville Florida is the older buildings that surround my neighborhood that are still being used.  I was first attracted to the Fire Station #10 when I was driving by and noticed the rounded door.  I went back, snapped a picture and enjoyed creating this watercolor image.  I was so captivated with this image that I started to research other fire stations in our community.

The oldest residential area of our city is Spring Field.  This is an image of Fire Station #2 which is still active and located right on Main Street.  I just love the big red number 2 that is on the front of the building.

Fire Station #3 is in the San Marco neighborhood  close to the shopping area.  I am still chuckling at the fire hydrant right our front of the building! I was glad when I took the picture that a fire truck was parked outside.

Here is the Catherine Street Fire Station that was built in 1902, 10 months after the Great Fire of Jacksonville in 1901.  Just love the big round door that the fire truck comes out of.  This building is now the Jacksonville Fire Museum.  Check out their website that has the history of Jacksonville’s Fire Stations.

Find more of my  fire station images on my website:


  1. Tracey Mayo says:

    I love the firehouses! The details are wonderful. It is funny to see the hydrant in front of station #3, I wonder, how many firehouses have caught fire?

  2. Shelly Neri says:

    The firehouse pictures are wonderful! Lots of color and character to add to any room. I am sure you have shown these/maybe sold some reproductions? I wonder if you have ever shown them to the fire stations themselves! (and if any of them have, or would, buy them to display there)

    • drawinghand says:

      Thank you Shelly for your comments. Two of the images were used for a gift to a retiring Chief and yes I showed them at a Reddi-Arts exhibit and several images were bought. I have not taken them to the fire stations, I am shy about doing this. I am often challenged to market my work, it takes a big effort. It is much more fun to draw and paint. Having fun is what my art is all about for me. I am fortunate to have my teaching career to support my everyday financial needs. Prof. Stephanie

  3. says:

    These are wonderful! The fire stations would love to have these, you should take them.I love the detail in the bricks and also the roofs.

  4. Laurel Jubin says:

    Hi Prof. Stephanie.
    Awesome work on these renderings. These old buildings have such wonderful detail in the design which seem sadly lacking in modern day stations. We used to go to the San Marco station years ago when my kids were in preschool on field trips, which was awesome because it had a functioning pole (no longer in use, but still there) and the kids got to see it in action. I understand how it might be a big step showing your work, but I think the people who work in these buildings would love it, as these stations are a home away from home for them. I think the watercolor is a great touch!

    • drawinghand says:

      Hello Laurel,
      Great to read your comments and the story about visiting them with your children. I appreciate your idea to market these to the fire people, I think you are right. It is so different for me to go from the artist to the seller!
      thank you – Prof. Stephanie

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