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May 21, 2012
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iPad Line Drawings by Phyllis Wolff

Seeing drawings from artists who are using the iPad, is a great way for me to learn more about this medium.  Here are are two line drawing that were drawn on the iPad by Phyllis Wolff who is an artist in England.  This is a quote from her website “I paint or draw or sketch (sometimes on the iPad) pretty much every day, both to fulfill my own needs or sometimes  for commissions, be they a landscape for someone’s home, or a portrait of someone they love.”

I am appreciating that Phyllis added just a touch of color to this line drawing.  As I challenge myself to draw on the iPad, it is helpful to see what other artists are creating.  You can also check out the wonderful paintings on Phyllis website too.


  1. Shawn Wallace says:

    I love the work Phylkis put into her work. I agree that the photo she added the color too was just enough to give the picture life and feeling.

  2. Megan C. says:

    I think this is so cool! Her art work is amazing and I cant beleive a good bit of it is done on the iPad. Technology has come so far today, this now means artists can create anywhere. These actually look they were hand painted. She uses the most beautiful colors in her paintings. This just got me so interested that I googled the topic and found Corliss Blakely iPad Artist whose are is very deatailed and creates beautiful work. I also found Cynthia Wick who is a bit more whimsical like Phyllis and she had a neat video on the Huffington post which is a time lapse video of her creating a iPad painting very cool! I just have to say again how awesome this is!

    • drawinghand says:

      Hello Megan- great to get your post and I am so pleased to hear how jazzed up you are with creating art on the iPad. So appreciate your adding the other artists with your information. I will be sure to check this out! Prof. Stephanie

    • Thank you Megan, I have only just found your remarks – two years later! what are you doing now? Do look at my website and blog if you have time and leave me a comment? best wishes, Phyllis

  3. ah – thank you for your kind words about my drawings – I didn’t know you had used them, but am pleased you did, with acknowledgement of course! keep drawing!

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