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January 20, 2012
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January 28, 2012
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Inspiration with Travel Sketches

Map inspiration on Kayak Trip

Where does inspiration for a painting subject come from?  What are the steps that are taken to complete a painting?

On a primitive camping and kayak trip taken off the tip of Vancouver Island, I had an opportunity to create watercolor sketches at the camping site.  Sitting on the rocks, balancing the paper on my knees and using salt water with my paints turned out to be challenging.  Although the pieces seem discombobulated and primitive, these sketches became my inspiration for images that I created when I was back in my studio.

Sketch at the Camp Site

Here are two that show this progression.  The  first one is a  watercolor sketch painted at the camp site and the next one was completed in the studio.   The on site sketch took me back to the flavor and feel of the setting. Using the first sketch  was a great way for me to capture the special qualities of the trip in the second image.

Watercolor Completed in the Studio

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  1. Craig Walker says:

    The first campsite seemed much more primitive and immersed in vegetation; the second image looked as if your tents were pitched on the lawn outside a rural Baptist Church. Great job on the tents. Reminds me of a joke I thought up once, that in the 19th century all the Indian children’s childhoods were in-“tense”-ho ho ha ha!

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