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Hand-Drawn Floor Plans by nikneuk

It is so fun to see how interior designers hand color render their floor plans.  Here are three floor plans from a link that one of my student’s just sent me. It is hosted on Laughing Squid and written by Justin Page. The post is called Hand-Drawn Floor Plans of Popular TV Show Apartments and Houses. The images are by a Spain-based professional interior designer Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde (aka “nikneuk“) who has hand-drawn an incredibly detailed series of floor plans that map out numerous popular television show apartments and houses. Prints are available to purchase on RedBubble, Etsy and deviantART. Enjoy!





  1. These are very cool. I am familiar with Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment but not the others. The color rendered floor plans are very nice. I hope this is something that we will learn in the design program.

  2. Lindsay Duttera says:

    I too, Dawnveshylia, am very familiar with “Carrie’s” apartment, isn’t it amazing how much larger it appears on paper! I can only imagine what her apartment with Mr.Big in the first movie would look like, the closet alone was the size of this apartment. It is a welcome surprise, that we will be doing some hand drawing in this class, let’s just hope you can difeerentiate between my toilet and sink, my drawing skills certainly need improvement.

  3. Sharon Glover says:

    These floor plans are very impressive, truly works of art. I can’t help but wonder if the artist/designer was able to capture this detail from simply viewing the television shows, or did he have access to copies of the floor plans, or at least photos to work from. I too, hope to develop the skill of drawing renderings that really look like the room, either ‘as is’ or ‘to be’.

  4. Normally I downloaded the entire series or the movie.
    I prefer it the closed series to have available all about them.
    In the sitcoms the principal set (normally the living room placed in front of the audience) appears in all the episodes.
    The problem is usually locate the secondary sets as the bedrooms and bathrooms.
    Normally moveable sets that changes continously and contradictory with the central sets cause are built in other place of the studio.
    That is the problem with the multicamera series.
    In fact they are like a theatrical sets…
    In series as “Sex & the City”, filmed as movies (not recorded in front of an audience) the sets are closed and more logical and coherent.
    Just as real apartments…

    In a couple of hours I can locate all that I need using the forward button of the player.
    I revised the episodes several times and pointed the ones in which appears everything that I need.
    Meanwhile I’m creating a first basic layout that I refined and developed with notes of aid.
    When I made a composition of place I started a second layout (using the anotations of the first rude layout) to fit the final dimensions, proportions, to place furniture and to complete the final shape of the drawing.
    Finally I started the third and definitive floorplan that I made more carefully.
    To complete the final drawing I revised all my anotations to find timber tones, the colors of the materials, the fabrics and all the details that I need to make an accurated floorplan.
    In total I need from 30 to 40 hours (or more, In fact I’ve never counted) to complete one floorplan from zero to the final uploaded result.

    I think that I spend so much time locating everything that I need.
    Time that is multiplied when it’s a log runnig series with many seasons.
    Time that doubles when the sets of the series change throughout the seasons and/or when they are full of contradictios.
    That is usually the norm …

    It’s more easy to fix the proportions, dimensions, furniture, etc when the drawing is from a movie or a miniseries.
    Principally cause the length of the series or movie are minor.
    The problem with a miniseries or a movie is that they are few miniseries or movies that it shows all the houses or apartments.
    Normally we can see only a portion of the houses (the living room, kitchen and bedroom only) and thy are few movies that shows completily a house or an apartment.
    The apartment of Holly Golightly from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” was a good example of a full set.

    When I made handmade floorplans (that I made by order and sell in my ETSY store) I need only from 10 to 15 hours to replicate one of the originals depending of the complexity and size of the purchased drawing.

    I use with cardboards (with high gramage), ink, markers and colour pencils to make the drawings.
    It’s a technic that I know how to use and offers my… comfort.
    For my work used watercolors when I made large representations and currently I use 3D software design that allows me to easily change the elements of a real project.
    But for these floorplans I was looking for something more artistic and less technical, to transmit the personality of the houses with the warmth and unperfection of a handmade drawing.

    • drawinghand says:

      Thank you so much for outlining your process in creating these wonder floor plans. I admire your work and better understand all that goes into creating these images.
      Take care – Stephanie

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