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January 7, 2012
Scandinavian Design Combining Function & Aesthetics
January 8, 2012
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Hand-Drawing Style in Modern Web Design

This article illustrates hand drawing in contemporary visual areas.  Really fun!

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  1. Craig Walker says:

    Prof Stephanie, much info was imparted in the article containing the historical background of the Scandinavian artists and designers. i really enjoy Aero Saarinenn, as i had read up on him beforehand. My interest was piqued about Aero several years ago when my wife had acquired a small end table that was his design made famous years ago, the one with a round base and a thin body that erupts at the top into another round shape, very minimalist but sleek and delicate, has a flower-like shape. We still have the table, and I am not sure how Mr. Koger obtained it. Mr. Koger was a wealthy gentleman who owned the former Koger Properties. He collected many works of art in all forms or disciplines, paintings, furniture, sculptures…He also owned a huge collection of Chinese porcelain, which he occasionally loaned to different museums in the U.S. My wife worked for him for 15 years and she was given many pieces of art and furniture by him. When he gave her the table by Aero he told her a little about him. Your sketches were entertaining, and my favorite is the feature one with the statue of liberty and structures from other famous areas, where you combined your drawing with photos for interesting effect. It is great to be shown the various mediums where one’s drawing by hand can be expressed with effectiveness.

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