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September 17, 2012
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Traveling Theme Drawing Inspiration

I really enjoying seeing drawings that are inspired from traveling themes.  James Gulliver Handcock successfully used his suitcase to created an interesting, humorous image.  His illustration style is relaxed and feels spontaneous to me.    Based in Sydney, Australia, and Brooklyn, N.Y., Hancock is a well-known commercial illustrator, who has also had numerous exhibitions of his personal art.  He has very fun and interesting images that you can check out his website.

Here is another artist who is visually outlining their preparation for traveling.  I am appreciating how Susan Abbott is creatively showing what she will need for her trip.  When you make a list, there is a tendency to check off items from top to bottom.  What is great about using images is that you move away from linear thinking. With the items all over the page, you will use the information more freely and more creatively make connections as you follow up with your list. Take time to check out Susan’s other image at her bog, A Painter’s Year.


  1. Sabrina Hayes says:

    I can really appreciate the “Traveling Theme Drawing Inspiration”. I love to travel and go see new places and do things that i would not get to do or see on a daily bases. I am the person that always has to pay for that extra luggage to be checked in because my carry on is to full to fit in the overhead bin. When traveling I always find myself over packing because I don’t want to leave anything that I think I may be able to use. When in all reality I don’t use over 50% of the things I bring. Drawing out a visual list like this one will really help me see the things I need for pleases I will be going. Not to mention help me save money!

    Interesting post!

  2. Tiffany Shaffery says:

    As the head of a household of five people I can totally appreicate this. Being responsible for packing everyone’s belongings can get stressful and my written list usually doesn’t cut it. I always end up forgetting something. With a visual like this I don’t think that would be a problem anymore. What a fun idea. One thing I love most about this blog, is that it shows me drawings that I never would of thought about doing.

  3. Amanda Thornton says:

    I absolutely loved the images that James Gulliver came up with for his traveling theme. I myself am a big list maker not only for when I travel but also in my daily life so to see this thought process moved to the next level is amazing. I love the idea of thinking outside of the box and creating the list in more of a visual way. Very great idea!

  4. Chelsea Garrett says:

    You know after watching Sunni’s video about doodling and seeing these images about things that these two artists wanted to bring on their trip it is as if it all ties together. I am in love with both of the images, as you said they seem free. I get a playful vibe from them both also. It is common to make a list and check from bottom to top and most of the time ask yourself “what am i forgetting?!?!?,” this method and fun way of making a packing lists gives you visual ideas of what you are bringing and can help you connect all the ideas of packing together. Seeing a camera drawn on the paper can give you the idea of remembering film and your tri-pod. Handcock’s image is my favorite of the two, the colors are so cohesive and playful and youthful.

  5. Nicole Kowsh says:

    Love this! Hancock’s style is very fun and exciting. I like how Ms. Abbott uses images that she sketches in order to put her thought processes on paper. I’m going to try that 🙂

  6. Latesha Harris says:

    The traveling sketches are very interesting. It looks like fun to draw as well. I think drawing pictures such as these do help us to think more freely. As a result, it can relieve the mind of stress while trying to remember what to pack. This can help in the work place as well. It can help, because it can relieve an overwhelming sense to an individual who needs more visuals than lists.

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