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June 18, 2012
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June 25, 2012
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David Hockney iPhone Art

I have admired David Hockney’s art for many years.  Now he is using his iPhone to create great drawings.  I think that he exemplifies the artist creative spirit which will always continue to create art with what ever medium they can get their hands on.

Back in December 2010 he had an exhibit in Paris called “Fresh Flowers”.  Susan Stamburg did a report on NPR.

Here is one of his images and quote from the report ” When Hockney first got the device about two years ago, he immediately realized it was a new medium for creativity. He says, “Incredible little thing, really, because it was like a sketchbook and a paintbox all in one,” the artist says. Better, even: “No cleaning up. No mess.” That’s because he’s painting with an app called Brushes — a small virtual paintbox on the phone’s screen, into which Hockney dips a finger — or 10 — and makes pictures.

Check out his art work on his website!


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