Mountain House Front Door Rendering
August 11, 2014
Sketchbook Page Turk's Cap Lilies
September 3, 2014

QR Interior Color B 600Great to have completed another rendered interior line drawing.  Here is a creative strategy that I use when working on an image that takes extra time and planning to complete.   When I start to feel stuck or confused about what color to use or what pattern would be best, I found it is helpful to pause, leave the room and take a break.  This time away from the image helps to make it easier to view the image more objectively and to come up with ideas to move forward.  I even find that waiting until the next day to work on the image, will  give me a fresh point of view.  These breaks allow me to move forward with new ideas.

Copic Marker Rendering Tip #1:  I had an opportunity to use my new Copic blending purple makers when rendering  the side chair. They come in a package of three and are markers V20, V22 & V25.  I found they work successfully to create a value from light to dark.  I also used marker Y28 with V22 on the flooring and sofa pattern.  These are close in value and the colors work successfully together.  Click on the link to find them at my favorite supply store. Find a HUGE selection of drawing materials at BLICK!



  1. slmann says:

    What a cozy room, beautifully rendered. – Sharon

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