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August 13, 2012
Drawing as Expression
August 20, 2012
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City Buildings as Drawing Inspiration

I enjoying seeing how artists render the flavor of a city. Here are two city images that are very different.  This is a sweet rendering of Betty’s hometown.  The touch of watercolor is just perfect.  You can almost feel the hot weather and slow pace that this street.  Find more urban images from BettyfromTexas at her Flicker site.

Below is an image from a very different city in another part of the world, Singapore.  This rendering is full of action, sounds and cool colors.  Tia is an architect and Art & Design Educator.  She has a wonderful blog, TiaStudo showing her sketchbook images.


  1. Dana Bryan says:

    Both of these drawings are simply amazing. The first drawing is so tastefully painted, and very respectfully drawn. Now the second drawing i’d say is by far my favorite of the two. There is so much detail involved in this drawing, it reminds me of something that one might see in an anime film that was all hand drawn, not digitally enhanced and all of that high tech stuff, it is simply beautiful.

  2. Melissa Stevens says:

    I love the first drawing. Something about the bright yellow building and the green of the tree – it’s so happy! The watercolor paint really brings the image to life.

  3. Lindsay Petty says:

    I love the second drawing. I love how the sky reflects on the side of the building and how awesome the privacy blinds on the balconies look. Also there looks to be clothes hanging on a clothes line in the back, you can barely see it, but I was looking hoping there was going to be one. When looking at it I feel like I’m there.

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