July 8, 2016

World Watercolor Month with Orange Kitties

Celebrating World Watercolor Month with a couple of orange cat images.  Just cleaned out a file box with watercolor images that I did several years ago.  […]
June 27, 2014

Amateur Commune Blog

Just discovered a wonderful blog filled with images called Amateur Commune.  Yiwei Peng is an urban sketching artist, photographer, violin player and traveler.  Here are three […]
March 25, 2013

Interior Rendering with Liz Steel

Liz Steel has a fabulous blog that I follow called Sketching Architecture. It is helpful to see how other artist render interior spaces and her latest […]
January 28, 2013

Maria Soboleva Moscow Artist

It is exciting and encouraging for me to find hand drawings that are rendered of interiors.  Here are two images from Maria Soboleva, a Moscow artist, […]
January 21, 2013

Fun with Flowers & Feathers

I have so much fun drawing and painting flowers.  I am enamored by them and enjoy using them as my art inspiration.  I work to capture […]
December 13, 2012

Fabulous Seattle Sketcher

Wouldn’t you like a little free library in your neighborhood? I think the Seattle Sketcher, Gabriel Campanario, does the best job writing interesting articles that include […]
October 18, 2012

Participating in Art Communities

I applaud our local Jacksonville Watercolor Society for the good work they do in the Jacksonville Florida art community. They providing exhibit opportunities, monthly meetings with […]
September 17, 2012

Images with Unique Points of View

How does point of view capture your interest and provide uniqueness to an image?  Spanish illustrator Miguel Herranz shows a fresh point of view in this […]
August 23, 2012

Kayak Trip Watercolor Images

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to take a primitive camping kayak trip, at the tip of  Vancouver Island, several summers ago.  We spend our […]
August 9, 2012

Creative Strategy: Using the Sketchbook

One of the best tools for creating successful art pieces is to use your sketchbook as a preliminary planning stage.  Here is an opportunity for you […]
May 10, 2012

Sketching Adventures by Liz

Just discovered a wonderful artist who has several cafe interior watercolor sketches.  The image above is by Liz Steel from Sydney, Australia.  This is her favorite […]
March 9, 2012

Value demonstrated in Peilli Wang's Drawings

I am appreciating Peilli Wang’s drawing and his rendering style. Let’s take a close look at how he uses the elements and principles in his drawings. […]
January 26, 2012

Inspiration with Travel Sketches

Where does inspiration for a painting subject come from?  What are the steps that are taken to complete a painting? On a primitive camping and kayak […]
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