February 4, 2013

Steps to drawing a Pitcher

When drawing a three dimensional object like this pitcher, value and texture are used to depict the visual qualities of surface and volume. The finished drawing […]
December 17, 2012

Creative Strategy: Lose the Referee

When I first started to learn to draw, it was easy to get discouraged because my  drawings did not meet my expectations. They often look discombobulated […]
December 10, 2012

Drawing Leaves for Plants

One of the fun parts of drawing plants is to identify the distinct leaf shape and characteristic.  These characteristics include their shape, the veins, value on […]
December 3, 2012

Interior Line Drawing with a Variety of Texture

One of the important design elements in an interior line drawing is rendering texture which is the surface quality of an object.  In an image without […]
November 26, 2012

Designing a Built In Cabinet

I enjoy challenging myself to visually solve design challenges using my drawing skills.  This challenge was to design a built in cabinet to accommodate a student […]
August 9, 2012

Creative Strategy: Using the Sketchbook

One of the best tools for creating successful art pieces is to use your sketchbook as a preliminary planning stage.  Here is an opportunity for you […]
August 4, 2012

Gerber Daisy Line Drawing

I so enjoy drawing plants and flowers.  This image was drawn while I was visiting my sister.  We were sitting on her deck enjoying a conversation […]
July 19, 2012

Urban Drawing Neighborhood Park

This is the sculpture by Charles Adrian Pillars, Winged Victory, that is in Memorial Park in Historic Riverside in Jacksonville Florida. The statue was dedicated on […]
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