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January 31, 2013
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Steps to drawing a Pitcher

lemon pitcher 3 BlackWhen drawing a three dimensional object like this pitcher, value and texture are used to depict the visual qualities of surface and volume. The finished drawing on the left, started as a contour drawing shown below.  This first drawing was done in pencil providing an opportunity to adjust and change the drawing to ensure the shape and proportions are correctly done.  When beginning a drawing, the time and focus you spend working on getting the shape that you want is significant since everything is then added to this drawing.  At this point the pitcher appears flat.lemon pitcher 1

In the next image, a thin marker was used to redraw the shape and texture is added. This texture provides shading and value. The pitcher gains it’s three dimensional shape and the image becomes more interesting and is easily recognizable.

Want to learn more about more about texture and value?  Check out my book Exploring Perspective Hand Drawing, Fundamentals for Interior Design.  Included with the book is a DVD with video demonstrations.

lemon pitcher 2 A


  1. Julie Chanter says:

    I am new to drawing and I love your posts. You write so clearly and are so generous with your knowledge! Thank you from Julie in Oakland, CA

    • drawinghand says:

      Hello Julie,
      So glad you are viewing the post and learning to draw. My best to you with this journey, I find it gets more fun as you practice and improve.
      Take care – Stephanie

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  3. Sabrina Hayes says:

    As you know I am working on my drawing skills, I found this post to be really informational. Thanks for taking the time to post step by step instructions, helped gave me a better understanding on value and texture. And the step by step drawing gave me a look into the volume as each one changed.

    Sabrina Hayes

    • drawinghand says:

      Hello Sabrina,
      Glad to know that these steps helped you to get a picture of value and how it works. When I first started creating activities to learn drawing, several students asked to see the steps to better understand how a drawing came together.
      Take care – Prof. Stephanie

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