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March 30, 2012
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Sketching from an Architect

This sketch image is from the Urban Sketches blog by Alvaro Carnicero. He is an architect who is currently living and working in his home town Cordoba, Spain. He calls himself a Spanish Sketcher.

He has a broad range of drawings including architectural detail studies, landscapes, building sections, and street celebrations of Holy Week. He documents his city in his sketchbook with line drawings and watercolor images. I find you can get a feel for where he lives. One cool feature on his blog, is a map of the city with the location marked of each drawing. You can click on the sketch and note where in the city he did the drawing.

It is inspiring for me to see his blog drawing entries. I am appreciating that it feels like he is creating quick images with a sense of fun and enjoyment. He is reminding me to take the seriousness out of drawing. To just enjoy playing around with images and watercolor. It is easy for me to get myself wrapped around producing a good drawing rather than just taking time to enjoy sketching and drawing.

Check out his blog. Here is a black and white study that he did before his watercolor study. He has video clips of his sketching experience on location. How fun is that!


  1. Hi, thanks for your interest! 🙂

    • drawinghand says:

      Wow! That is so cool that you read my post. I think your blog is just awesome and your drawings are the best! I teach interior design and use my blog to inspire and inform my students. Your drawings are very inspirational. Take care- Stephanie

  2. Lisa Tatum says:

    That is so cool. You will have to travel to Spain now and check out some of the drawings in person. That would be a great class field trip.

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