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September 3, 2014
Front Door Copic Marker Rendering
September 17, 2014
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Zinna 4Celia, my 5 year old neighbor next door, planted a batch of Zinna’s this summer which became my inspiration for a series of images in my sketchbook. The images are small so I could quickly create a line drawing and add color with Copic markers.  I love that the bee is flying off page in the first image and the second image below is a card that I made for Cecilia.

Copic Marker Rendering Tip#2:  My goal when rendering with color is to use two or three values in each object which is easy to do with Copic markers.  I use values that are small gradations of the same color or colors that are close in the color wheel.  (Check the color wheel below) For example, in the yellow Zinna flower above,  the Y18 marker is used for the bright yellow at the tip of the petal, YR12 is used as the next color on the petal and R21 is the shadow.  The gradation of value is yellow, yellow red that looks like orange and red.  Yellow, orange and red are hues that are close together on the color wheel.  You will also see that several leaves use a Y18 marker in the center, YG13 is the lighter green and YG67 is the darker green. Here the gradation is yellow to yellow green which are next to each other on the color wheel.  This technique creates a small gradation of color value.  Need to supplies in your art box?  Check out this link:

Zinna 1Color Wheel

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