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Penny Newell's Doodling and Process Poem


Really, doodling and poetry? Yes, this image above is a Process Poem by Penny Newell.  As you know, I am a big fan of using doodling as a method for creatively problem solving, visual expression and generating innovative ideas.  I was pleasantly surprised when a poet, Penny Newell started following my blog.  I discovered on her blog,, that she is from East London and notes that she focuses on writing, reviewing, reading, performing and poetry.  The image above is from a post, January 2, 2013 Process Poem

She also notes that this poem was drawn/written/doodled on commission for Meat Plough magazine and printed in August 2012.  When she spoke to the editor she “wanted to produce ‘something like a poem happening’, ‘tracking how we think poems – see them happening in the places we pass through as we think them – all the way to when we put pen to paper.”

It is exciting to learn about how doodling is used in creating poetry. When I contacted Penny, she agreed to having a post featuring her doodling and added this comment on my blog, “Doodling is where the thinking really happens, as are all of the strange little creative acts we do on the peripheries of any practice; they upkeep the strange little visions of the world that are always somehow just too inexpressible to be fully shared.”
Check out her awesome drawings and the poem from December 30, 2012.

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