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January 14, 2012
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January 20, 2012
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Moving through Creative Stumbling Blocks

Website – Landscape Journal Danny Gregory

Do you get stuck when you are practicing your drawing or playing around with a project and it doesn’t look  like you want it to?  Do have a critical voice that can stop you from moving forward when you try something new?

One of my student’s shared with me The Creative License book by Danny Gregory.  His expertise is creative ideas for moving through stumbling blocks that hold back your creative expression.   There is a freedom of expression that Danny has in his drawings that I look forward to reaching myself.  His drawings and insight on gaining confidence in your own creative progress has been inspiring for me.

The Creative License – Danny Gregory

Here is a description of his book that is found on his website:  “Creativity is someting we are all born with, but somewhere along the way, we convince ourselves we don’t have the right to label ourselves as creative or artists. This book is my attempt to reverse that with a step-by-step process to reawaken the creative impulse in us all. It’s designed to be fun, easy, a little snarky, and adictive.  My goal is to help you lay the foundation for a lifelong habit of drawing, making things, and becoming what you always dreamed of being — an artist. It’s crammed with drawings and paintings and designed to be your constant, dog-eared, coffee-stained sidekick.”

His website has drawings, journal entries, book information and blog link. Danny Gregory – Website – Journal Page



  1. Mildred carrasquillp says:

    Professor Sipp, I watch the video from Danny called pencil & ink and I liked to see him scketching, making shadows on his drawing etc very nice thank you. Also, I like your video with the announcements!! From here to Hollywood!!!

  2. Taylor Ghost says:

    I always get upset when people tell me they “didn’t get the creative gene.” Creativity is something you have to pursue and a talent unique to you. Looks like a great book.

    • drawinghand says:

      Totally agree. Just like a musician, athlete, chef….they all work hard at developing their craft and using the creative process.

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