Marker Rendering Sofa and Stairs 2
July 22, 2013
Drawing One-Point Perspective Furniture
August 3, 2013
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tamarind-hillsWow!  Just discovered Mick Ricereto who is a in interior design and product consultant from Baltimore, Maryland.  It is inspiring for me to review his successful hand drawings and marker rendering style.   In the two point perspective rendering above, he uses a low horizon line and shows a third wall along with the ceiling design.  He has a light touch with his rendering style, keeping white areas which gives the image some sparkle.  He is an expert at capturing the reflective material.  He has an interesting blog and a website chock full of awesome renderings and designs, Mike Ricerto – Interior + Product.



  1. dana dedycker says:

    This is a beautiful rendering. I would love to learn how to render like that.

    Does fscj give classes I wonder.

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