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October 8, 2013
Hand Renderings from Daedalus Design Studio
October 27, 2013
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Check out this seven minute video demonstrating how I added color to an orchid line drawing with markers.  Please note that I speed up the middle section of the video.  Enjoy!


  1. B. Ackerman says:

    Greetings Professor, I enjoyed your marker rendering video . I believe I have never seen this done in this fashion before. Well done.

  2. Lindsay Petty says:

    What kind of markers are those? The look magic! I thought this was great, I enjoyed watching your process, starting with one color with all the flowers in the center and making your way out. I liked the way you colored in the blue background and outlined the pot and some of the flowers with black. Nice!

  3. Zena Coker says:

    Wow, I’ve got to get some of those markers! I loved watching this all come together. It was cool to see how the use of the 2 or 3 different colors in a particular area gave it that shaded effect, and made it look so realistic. Also, I never realized how much a dark outline can really make something pop. It was also neat to see how in the background versus the plant, the chisel tip was used to create different effects.

    • drawinghand says:

      Hello Zena,
      It is great that you are inspired to use markers to add color, shade and shadow. Isn’t fun that we can use video demonstrations to learn new techniques.
      Take care – Stephanie

  4. Jessica Nolan says:

    I love orchids and this marker rendering really brought them to life. I never realized how realistic markers could make an image appear. The colors you worked with collaborated nicely together and the shading was top notch. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Barbara McIntosh says:

    Wow! this was awesome! I would love to learn this technique of using markers to had colors. Very impressive,thanks for sharing.

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