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July 1, 2015
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July 27, 2015
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Making a Copic Color Marker Color Wheel

Color wheelWhen I am selecting colors for a rendering, I like to have a color wheel as a visual reference. It is a good reminder of how the colors work with each other.  For example, adding a small amount of purple next to yellow will super pop the yellow.  Or adding yellow orange and orange next to yellow will create a color value gradation.  Above is a color wheel I just quickly completed with my Copic markers.  We are familiar with color wheels as visual method for charting colors as a reference.  This one has the primary, secondary and tertiary hues or colors.

Want to make your own color wheel with your markers or color pencils?  Download the template below, by saving it as a jpeg, open a new document, insert the jpeg into the document, adjust the size and print this out.  I use my Paris Bleed Proof paper that I cut down to 8 /12″ X 11″.  It is thin enough to load it into my home printer.

Color Wheel Templet

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