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November 5, 2012
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November 12, 2012
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Line Drawing Window Treatments

It was fun to challenge myself to draw a series of window treatments.  As I am gaining more confidence in my drawing skills, I like working with subjects that are more complicated.  The first step was to measure a window to get the dimensions for knowing the proportions and location of the molding lines.    With a light pencil and a straight edge, the drawing was started with the large rectangular shape.  This was divided to show the window panes and side molding lines. With an ink pen, the final drawing was done free hand.

Photographs of different window treatment styles were studied to better understand how the window treatment shapes and proportions fit with the window.  I first did a pencil sketch of the window treatment design.  When I was satisfied with the sketch, I would redraw the treatment free hand using an ink pen and erased the extra pencil lines.  Pictures of fabric patterns were also used as a reference for rendering the different patterns.


  1. Marina Marjanovic says:

    I really like these hand drawings, Prof. Stephanie. They are as close to perfect lines as you could get, I think. Wow. These give me a lot of inspiration.

  2. Laurel Jubin says:

    I appreciate the attention to detail in these drawings, especially the realism depicted in the quality of fabric in the window treatments. This would make a great poster for the design lab!

  3. Jessica Littleton says:

    These line drawings are magnificent! The details are equally outstanding in all of them! I like the idea of using a pencil to begin with and then going over with a pen to add definition. It’s great that we can truly get an idea for a design through drawings. Each window treatment has it’s own unique flare, through drawing them out you can get a feel for which flare you’d like especially for your own home.

  4. Franchesca Williams says:

    I really appreciate the detail in each of the window treatments drawn. I find them inspirational for future ideas and they also provide insight for me when I may need to draw an elevation of a window. I found your advice for researching the detail to be excellent and something that I will remember for the future. Through your research you were able to provide a more accurate drawing. I also will place the idea to use pencil first and then pen to provide more detail in my back pocket for the future.

  5. martfm says:

    I love the detail of the window treatments and how you displayed different styles. I also found the advice of using pencil then pen a great way to add more definition and I love being able to see these because it gives me a visual when thinking of drawing an elevation of a window.

  6. Jacqueline Liberio says:

    Hi Prof. Stephanie,
    I love your window treatment drawings. I might attempt use them as a reference for one of my elevations. If you havent done one already, I think it would be an interesting tutorial.

  7. Melissa Stevens says:

    I love the window treatments. I was surprised by the variety and attention to detail of each. Reminds me to take notice of the everyday things I take for granted. Its a goal of mine, as I practice, to be more conscious of the details.

    • drawinghand says:

      You know, when you are drawing a subject, you really have to get to know it very well. I find taking the time to look closely at a subject helps to make my drawing more realistic. Good point.

  8. Chelsea Garrett says:

    After scrolling through all the posts on the blog, i really took a HUGE appreciation for this post!!!! An assignemnt i will be working on for a class is a site visit to Calico Corners to do sketches of several of various things including window treatments and these sketches gave me several ideas of inspiration. I really appreciate the detail.
    Chelsea Garrett
    Design Concepts

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