Floor Plan and One-Point Perspective Line Drawing
January 26, 2014
Hand Drawing Inspiration from Connie Riik Designs
February 16, 2014
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Lamp with Mirror AEnjoyed practicing adding texture and pattern to these table top accessories.  The goal was to have a variety of rendered patterns which included using a combination of line and stippling.  I also created contrasting values with the items that were overlapping.


  1. Adriana Johnson says:

    There is so many details in this drawing, I especially like the hanging picture frame. The family picture is pretty awesome, with all the fun hairstyles. I’m excited to see what you will be teaching us this semester.

  2. Melissa Stevens says:

    I like this drawing. The picture in the frame, for example, you give the impression of the people rather than all the difficult details of replicating them. I must remember to simplify and not be so overwhelmed with being exact.

  3. Dana Bryan says:

    I really love your wood grain it is absolutely fabulous. Everything about this drawing is awesome but the wood grain is extremely fascinating.

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