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Interior Rendering with Liz Steel

130308 Sofa Markers

Liz Steel has a fabulous blog that I follow called Sketching Architecture. It is helpful to see how other artist render interior spaces and her latest post   “Watercolur vs Marker” is great. Notice how she takes an interior drawing and renders one in marker and the other with marker.  I appreciate that she will work on the same image multiple times. She even follows up with another post of several more renderings with this image.  This type of repetition can be a successful way to improve your rendering skills. Which rendering do you prefer?  Is one more successful than the other in communicating the design of the space?  How do you decide what color medium to use? I am starting to practice using markers because color can be quickly added to the image. I also find that the water in watercolor can be challenging to control.

130308 Sofa Watercolour


  1. Guelmary Mendez says:

    I like both sketches. I think that to use watercolor you will need more practice/experience with this medium. With markers you can work faster. I will take a look at her blog.

  2. Lindsay Duttera says:

    I prefer the use of markers. As a novice to both mediums, markers are easier, quicker, and more precise. I understand that someone experienced in both techniques may like the variety watercolor gives them when it comes to mixing of colors.

  3. Sarah Sain says:

    i love the watercolor…it’s softer. the marker is a bolder expression of communication. Each medium provided a different attitude or feeling. i think the repetition is definitely a great way to practice with different styles and visually communicate by different feelings.

    • drawinghand says:

      Good observation around the feelings that a color medium or style can have on an image. I will say that watercolor is a trick medium to work with. That darn water can get out of control!

  4. Nichelle Lyon says:

    I prefer colored pencils to both markers and water colors. I can blend a multitude of colors without giving up the precision and control. There’s also the consistency of color, not having to worry about re-mixing a specific color or having different intensities due to markers drying out. Of course, I may favor another if I ha more practice with them. Preferences are very subjective things.

  5. Holly Dean says:

    I really love her drawings. I personally like the marker version better, but that is just because they lines seem more precise ,and easier to identify to me. When I draw I usually use markers for my furniture.

    • drawinghand says:

      Glad you are interested in using markers for your color rendering. I am looking forward to teaching this class over the summer. Stay tune for work that I will be completing.

  6. Jacqueline Liberio says:

    I personally like the watercolor version better between the two because it seems like she was able to blend the colors she wanted to create subtle shadow rather than using another color completely. Both are very nice, but for some reason I see the watercolor’s version as being more clean. That being said, marker is a cleaner process and I personally am horrible in controlling watercolor. I cant wait for your marker class this summer because I feel color will help liven up our drawings.

    • drawinghand says:

      I too am looking forward to the marker class. I am working on line drawings that we can use to practice adding marker. I know you love adding color to your work so this will be really fun. Prof. Stephanie

  7. Brian C says:

    I love being able to see the juxtaposition of marker and the watercolor. Personally, I find I like the drawing filled in with water colors more than the marker, the prior feels more conceptual and loose while the markers almost feel a little harsh and definite. I also just really appreciate her way of drawing with the markers as she is a bit sketchier and free form like me versus the very linear and perfect drawings you usually see. I actually just recently came across a few perspective drawings that I had filled in with water color from about 11 years ago and was amazed at the control I showed with them, I am just hoping that I will be able to duplicate that in the future.

    • drawinghand says:

      It would be fun for you to play with watercolor with your rendering work. Marker will be a good place to start using color, bit more control in how the medium goes on the paper. See you this summer! Prof. Stephanie

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