Front Door Copic Marker Rendering
September 17, 2014
Copic Marker Fall Leaves Sketch
October 11, 2014
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Sofa and WindowThe goal of this rendering was to have a unity of color and a variety of texture and pattern. It was started with a line drawing that is copied on my home copier on an 81/2″ X 11″ paper.  This is a smooth, hot press paper that I find easy to use when adding copic markers to my line drawings.  It is a 9″ X 12″ pad from Borden & Riley, #234 Paris Bleedproof paper for pens.

Copic Marker Rendering Tip #4

Here are successfully steps for adding a variety of pattern and texture to an interior images.  1.  Choose a range of color markers that you will be repeating throughout the image.  2.  Start your rendering with the most dynamic and largest pattern.  3.  Continue to add patterns repeating the color markers in the different patterns.  4.  Create a variety of ways to show pattern with lines and dots.  5.  Pay attention to how the light and dark values are contrasting each other.  In this image, reds, greens, wood tones and a grey were selected to be used.  I started rendering the floral pattern on the sofa that included the two main colors, red and green.  In next step color was added to the solid wood tones on the tables that have a small amount of pattern variation.  Then the small pillow patterns were rendered and I was care to have them show up against the sofa pattern.  Each pillow is different including a solid, a zig-zag, small circles and a checkered pattern.  I kept the image from being too dark by using a medium value on the wall color and with a lighter value pattern for the wood  flooring and rug.  Try these steps the next you are rendering an interior image.


  1. Sharon Mann says:

    Beautiful work, I love all of the texture and patterns. Thanks for the step by step.

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