Interior Marker Rendering
May 16, 2013
Interior Marker Rendering Sofa & Stairs
May 20, 2013
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Sofa & Stairs RenderingHere is another interior rendering inspired by Connie Riik’s interior design.  My  goal in rendering her design was to have a variety of textures, patterns and two or three different values for each finish.  Notice in the worksheet below the colors used along with the rendering steps.  These rendering techniques imitate  the flavor of each finish and create unique patterns.  For example, the marker strokes on the wood pattern are curved and run horizontal in contrast to the carpet finish which uses stippling or dots.  Rendering these contrasts of materials assists the viewer in distinguishing one object from another.  In reviewing this image, I see the pillows blend too closely with the sofa pattern.  Here is an example of how having more contrast in color and value would been more successful.  Maybe next time!

Sofa & Stairs Marker Steps EmailCSR LogoCheck out more of  Connie Riik’s interior designs at her website CSR Interiors,Inc .


  1. Shelly Neri says:

    Thank you for your “refresher” on marker rendering! I will keep this example to refer to in future. I appreciate these extra reminders and examples from time to time 🙂

    • drawinghand says:

      Hello Shelly,
      So glad you are staying in touch with the blog material. I can remember that you were successful with your rendering work in class.
      I think this is awesome that we have blogs as a resource for posting material that many people can learn from. Thank you for your comment – Prof. Stephanie

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  3. Kymber Zipperer says:

    I really appreciate the rendering steps that you showed here. I think that it will prove to be very helpful for me throughout this course. It’s nice to see the steps you took along with the finished product, as it helps to see the entire process in a different perspective.

    • drawinghand says:

      You know a student several years ago told me how important it was to see the steps, that the finished drawing looked too complicated. This has helped me understand how helpful this is when you are learning a new skill.

  4. Brenda says:

    I also do appreciate the rendering in this picture. I really like how she rendered the flowers on the sofa. I like how they didn’t look like a circle of color. It was blended with a mixture of colors instead of one color.

  5. Jenn McCollister says:

    I really like how you showed all the different steps and textures in a separate rendering. Makes it easy to pick out all the different colors and textures. The finished product turned out awesome! I love the detail on the sofa fabric.

    • drawinghand says:

      I am glad that it is helpful to have the texture steps visually shown. I came up with this idea while I was riding my bike and thinking about making a video. Videos take time to produce and I thought, wow, what about just showing these. Prof. Stephanie

  6. Katey Pasco says:

    I think the sofa is amazing! I love the colors and pattern that were rendered. The pillow is subtle but it is a good subtle because it is not distracting. I like how the colors are repeated to create unity.

  7. Lindsey Carter says:

    I agree with all of the comments. The sofa is particularly spectacular. The fabric rendered has a lot of character and clearly expresses fabric.
    Very nice! I also appreciated looking at the steps you took to accomplish its outcome.

    • drawinghand says:

      Thank you for your observations. It has been fun to challenge myself to add color and pattern to these drawings. It has been helpful to be teaching this at the same time. I am teaching myself and then turning this into an in class activity. Prof. Stephanie

  8. Brian C says:

    I really like the way you showed the different layering steps that lead to the final patterns and textures. That is one thing that I am still haveing trouble with, just knowing where to start. I will definitely have to look at the marker book in class tomorrow.

  9. Liz Hammonds says:

    I really appreciate the different examples from classmates. It helps me see other color schemes and texture options. No two drawings look the same.

  10. Kimberly Robbins says:

    I really like how the steps show you how to make your own drawings seem as real as this one. I love the look of the sofa. It looks so real. It reminds me of my grandmother’s sofa. I also like the realistic detailing of the wood. I’m looking forward to practicing a these techniques.

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