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September 13, 2012
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September 20, 2012
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Images with Unique Points of View

How does point of view capture your interest and provide uniqueness to an image?  Spanish illustrator Miguel Herranz shows a fresh point of view in this work, Urban Landscape with Red Broom.  Miguel’s city scene is a view out the window which brings another level of interest to his image.  He is able to shows parts of the interior space and can  include everyday objects.

In the image above, you will notice an unusual point of view.   The horizon line is lower than it would be if we were standing in the room. The eye level is on the middle of the tables and chairs instead of looking down at them.  This unique point of view provides the viewer with a different way of looking at this space.  Plan to take visit his blog site:  Freekhand Doodles, Scribbles, Sketches & Drawings by Miguel Herranz to see his other fun and interesting images.


  1. Lisa Pickard says:

    I really like the first image. It seems like the viewer could be leaned up against the and interior wall looking out over the city.

    The second picture gives the perspective that the viewer is standing beneath the steps looking up into the cafe.

    I love how an image can draw you into a space, and I think both of these do that beautifully.

  2. Ariana Burt says:

    I really like the angle of the first image. It looks like someone is ooking out of the window but not standing directly in the middle of it.

  3. Megan Smith says:

    I really like both of these images, I like how the first image has a sweeping view from building to building, making the city an admirable place. The second image I like so much because I feel like it has a lot of movement. I also really like the fact that these images are painted, I think it makes them look so much more realistic.
    – Megan Smith

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