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October 20, 2013
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November 5, 2013
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Fireplace 1How do hand rendered drawings fit into the interior design process? Here are three wonderful hand drawn renderings that demonstrate the importance of using visuals to communicate design solutions from the Daedalus Design Studio website.

I am excited to see interior designers use their drawings to visually communicate their design solutions.  In the image above, the architectural details are clearly shown and successfully provide a visual of the design details.   Another element of design shown by adding warm yellow and cool grey hues.  This drawing provides an opportunity for the client to see a realistic image of the design. Here is a quote from the website about their drawings:

“With our drawings and details, we help clarify and enhance the intentions of your interior designer, take a builder spec from expected to extraordinary, or make your ideas into a buildable reality.”

These two images below visually display design ideas too.  They both use a rendered floor plan and a perspective drawing to provide information about the design solutions.  Check out the website to learn more about the design firm and their ideas, Daedalus Design Studio.

steam shower

media room


  1. Dana DeDycker says:

    These are awsome renderings, I would love to learn how to draw like that. It would be so useful when sitting with a client on the first or second meeting to be able to get the basic measurements and take a picture of the space to do and go to the office and render it.
    Dana DeDycker
    IND FCCJ Kent Campus

  2. Micola Session says:

    Hi Professor Sipp! I love the details and the renderings on this piece it is amazing.This piece can be very useful to me when I am doing my homework or a project of my own. I believe that one day I will be as good as you when I become an Interior Designer.

    Thanks, Micola

  3. B. Ackerman says:

    Hi Professor Stephanie, I love your hand drawings on the blog, especially of the shower drawing. Seeing your work is pushing me to enroll in and additional art classes.This will really help …..
    in the real world of Interior Design…………. and beyond. Thank you!!!!!

  4. Claudia Wright says:

    Renderings especially in color are the most exciting part of any presentation package. I am looking forward to adding this skill to my skill set. I love the idea of adding the architectural details. Seeing the furniture in color clearly conveys the vision of the presenter. I am already imagining renderings for the condo project we are working on now. And it not only clarifies the vision, but, unlike the blueprints and elevations, renderings allow the personal drawing style of the designer to be presented. We can always tell when a drawing is a “Sipp” drawing.

  5. Heather says:

    I think my favorite thing about these drawings is the subtle use of color. The muted shades provide additional support to the overall “vision” of what is being communicated. It definitely adds a realistic look and is a perfect blend of creativity and professionalism.

  6. Corey Brown says:

    I love Hand Drawing Renderings, because they provide personality. They allow the client to visualize themselves in the actual space rather than just seeing it on paper with a simple line drawing. The rendering can convey mood, add drama, and tell a story, all for the client to visualize the end result.

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