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February 8, 2014
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March 5, 2014
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Bedroom with bookshelfInterior designer Connie Riik , from Jacksonville Beach Florida, has graciously offered her design work for me to use as inspirations for my drawings.  I admire her designs and use of finishes and textures.  In this extra bedroom, she has designed a built in cabinet which successfully provides a decorative architectural feature that also functions for storage space.

For this image, when rendering the texture and pattern, my goal was to have a variety of each with contrasting values.  Notice the bedspread pattern was drawn with lightly dashed lines and the dust ruffle with thin parallel lines.  The top pillow was drawn with a suggested floral pattern and the two back pillows along with the headboard has parallel lines in different values.  The open book shelf accessories are highlighted with pattern and a suggested shadow was drawn with parallel lines on the inside.

Interested in seeing more of her work?  Check out her portfolio at the website CSR Interiors.


  1. Claudia Wright says:

    This is a great drawing to illustrate what we have been learning in class. I can find leading edges on the bookcase and on the bed, and now I know that this indicates a drawing made from two-point perspective. We also have several examples of value and shading which we have been practicing in our workbook. onward and upward! I am looking forward to using the skills we are practicing in drawing a real setting.

    • drawinghand says:

      Hello Claudia,
      Great to get your note and I appreciate your enthusiasm to learn the skill of perspective hand drawing. It will be fun to work with you in the perspective class and I know you will make great big steps.
      Take care – Prof. Stephanie

  2. Katherine Edwards says:

    The differences in texture and line weight were really helpful in being able to mentally picture the space. The “fuzzy” top blanket on the bed actually looked soft and warm.

  3. Ashley Byrd says:

    I think its really neat that you added artwork from other designers. I love all of the texture she has added. Theres so many different elements in the drawing and I love looking at all of them. The detail is great! I also thought the same thing as Kat about the blanket being fuzzy! It makes me want to just jump into the bed and go to sleep.

  4. Dawn Henry says:

    There is so much attention to detail in this drawing! I really appreciate the detail in the accessories on the bookcase and the textures on the bed and floor. I really have to work on mastering line weight in order to have successful line drawings like these.

  5. Micola Session says:

    Hi Professor Sipp! There are so design details in this drawing. I can really appreciate the details in the bookcases, and the different textures on the bed and floor. Detail is very important because if you do not pay attention to detail the whole entire drawing will not be correct, so this is very important in the design world. I see that I have a lot more practicing to do to be successful as you are.


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