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August 19, 2018
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August 19, 2018
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Female Cardinal Holiday Image

Just catching up with my blog posts In the December issue of The Laurel of Asheville for Carol Howard’s article, I created an illustration which include holly and a female cardinal.



  1. Craig Walker says:

    Hey, one of your former students, Craig Walker, the male who probably wasn’t really cut out to be an interior designer. But I’ll tell you what your class did for me, it helped me continue my rehab from the awful brain injury I’d had. I continue in treatment of a pain doctor, not missing one appointment in 11 years. Your energy and drive always amazed me, and now your artistic ability is simply incredible. The female cardinal is worthy to be on any wall! I am glad that I still receive your communications.

    • sippdrawing says:

      Hi Craig, great to hear from you and yes I do remember working with you at the college. Glad to hear that you are working hard with your rehab and I hope you find joy in your life. I will be adding images to the blog this fall. All the best – Stephanie

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