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August 16, 2012
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August 23, 2012
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Drawing as Expression

Wow, what a wonderful hand drawing expressing and documenting the flavor of a powerful event.  This image is on the Seattle Urban Sketchers site and created by Gabi Campanario.  He led a sketch workshop at the Washington Corrections Center for Women, as part of The IF Project.  Here is a quote that was posted on the Urban Sketching Blog.

“The IF Project has organized writing workshops for the inmates before, so a sketching class seemed a good fit to help the women use their visual creativity. I know sketching can bring a smile to people’s faces. In this case, the smiles were really moving. The women were very sweet and thankful.

About 30 of them took the workshop and shared a lot of laughs sketching blind contours of each other, drawing with their non-dominant hand and finger painting with watercolor. When the two-and-a-half hour session ended, everyone seemed very energized and inspired by the experience. I sure was.” See more images from the workshop on the blog.

As an advocate of hand drawing and knowing the power of visual expression, I am inspired by this project.  I believe adults benefit from spending time with art supplies and exploring their creative expression.  Art is not just for professionals. We appreciate how young children will easily play around with crayons and paints creating unique images.  I know that everyone of any age can find enjoyment in time spent expressing themselves visually.


  1. Lisa Tatum says:

    That is a nice project! I like the little splash of color.

  2. Shelly Neri says:

    I can relate to the woman trying to draw the plant in the pot! I’ve been there…I do think creative ventures such as this are so therapeutic for women in these (or, really, any!) situations. Thanks for sharing!

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