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March 4, 2013
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Doors as Drawing Inspiration

Shed door

Several years ago I had great fun drawing a series of door images.  The idea started while teaching my Friday morning drawing class. After finishing the planned drawing activities, on a whim, we took our chairs and sketch pads outside, sat on the studio porch and drew the front door.  Doors continued to catch my attention and became my drawing inspiration.  During this year, I also added a  spiritual growth focus by reading Joyce Rupp “Open the Door, A Journey to the True Self”.  It was wonderful to expand my drawing experience by exploring the door as a metaphor for personal growth and insights. How does our spirit self connect with our drawings and the art that we create?  How do you discover what subjects inspire you to draw?  The image above is my shed door in the back yard and below is the Post Office in Amelia Island Florida.

Post Office 3


  1. Lindsay Duttera says:

    I truly believe an invitation sets a tone for the party, in the same way a front door can set the tone for a home. Hand drawing a door is very intricate, all the shading and texture you must apply so that it doesn’t appear flat.

  2. Adriana Johnson says:

    I recognize this door, this is one of my favorite buildings in Fernandina.

  3. Sharee Gaither says:

    I observe how everything is so defined, isn’t so technical. But because of its non technical nature it brings so much texture and life to the drawing. I see many lines and arches but they are indirect. This drawing reminds me of “organized chaos”, order in undefined way.

  4. Guelmary Mendez says:

    Prof. this was a good idea because doors are easy specially if you start working with a simple door a “rectangle”. This way students can start from a simple door to more complex doors and add architectural features with more details.

  5. Jacqueline Liberio says:

    Hi Professor Stephanie,
    I admire your attention to detail and perseverance in your drawings.
    Not only do you pay attention to the different textures, but you take time to pay the same amount of attention to things beyond your focal point.

  6. Taylor LaMendola says:

    The first thing I notice about a home or any building, really, is the front door. I think that it really sets the one for the rest of the exterior as well as the interior of that particular structure. Eventually, when I buy my own house, the first thing I’m planning on doing is painting the front door a cheerful color so that the house is presented as a place that is generally happy and full of cheerfulness and laughter.

    • drawinghand says:

      Hi Taylor, I appreciate your ideas and comments about the importance of the design of the front door on a building. I think you are so right about this. Prof. Stephanie

  7. Jessica Nolan - IND 1606 says:

    Such great detail in both drawings! It’s as if I was there in person. We enter through doors ever day of our lives, but not often do we stop to think of the bigger picture. Doors can lead us into different rooms of a structure, but they also open new chapters of our lives.

    Jessica Nolan

  8. very inspiration blog , love your work , can I re draw your work for practicing

    • drawinghand says:

      Thank you for your note. I am excited to know that you are inspired by visiting my blog. Yes, I think it is a good idea to redraw my drawing to practice. I encourage you to practice and this will help you learn and gain your own style.
      My best to you on your drawing journey. Stephanie

  9. Melissa Stevens says:

    I enjoyed the drawing you did of your garden shed door. I love your ability to make the ordinary extraordinary. I also love your ability to draw such lovely plants and flowers.

  10. Izzy says:

    I’m doing a art exam and I’m actually thinking of using this as a support study (I did a etching of a door) by any chance could you give me a name cause I can’t find yours 😂

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