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The Doodle Revolution with Sunni Brown

Here is  Sunni Brown, who is putting the DO back into doodling.  She is proving that creative problem solving has better results when ideas are doodled.   Doodling will ignite your whole mind.  She is a facilitator and a writer who is successfully showing the importance of doodling in the business community.  Here is another example of the importance of visual communication.

The title on top of her Doodle Revolution webpage  is “The Doodle Revolution is a global campaign for visual literacy.  It’s not for cash. It’s not for glory. It’s for you and the generations that follow.”

Take a couple of minutes to hear her speak about the subject of Doodling:

Here is a quote from one of her class description on the website on Visual Note Taking 101:   “Because we live in an intensely verbal culture, chances are we’ll be taking some kind of notes at work and at school for the rest of our lives. (Groan.) But note-taking doesn’t have to stink. Tracking content using imagery, color, word pictures and typography can change the way you understand information and also dramatically increase your level of retention. Stop suffering through note taking that works against our brain’s structure and start creating visual maps that actually impact how you learn.”

You can count on me to be an active part of this doodle revolution!


  1. taylor says:

    I want to be a part of the doodle revolution! viva la revolution 😉

  2. Shelly Neri says:

    Seems like she has a lot in common with Dan Roam, whom you featured earlier. Maybe this concept is gaining ground?!

    • drawinghand says:

      Yes, she and Dan are promoting and teaching visual communication. I think it is just great that the business world is recognizing how visual communication can add to the richness of ideas and lead to innovation. Designers and architects have been using images and drawings as a tool for communicating with clients.

  3. Marina Marjanovic says:

    I love to doodle, but always kept it to myself, BECAUSE of what I thought was socially unacceptable. And apparently I wasn’t wrong to believe it, because she proved it in this video. However, this video just reinforced what I always thought to be and aide in my thinking process. Thanks for this video. I can finally come out from hiding my doodles.. :))

  4. pennynewell says:

    Doodling is where the thinking really happens, as are all of the strange little creative acts we do on the peripheries of any practice; they upkeep the strange little visions of the world that are always somehow just too inexpressible to be fully shared.

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