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August 30, 2012
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Desks for Drawing Inspiration

This desk image is just gorgeous.  I am appreciating the technique that was used.  The ink drawing is light and creates a realistic image.  The addition of watercolor adds a whimsical flavor and the one point perspective view is successful also.

This image and the two below were created by Juriko Kosaka,. You can view all of her desk series at her site along with other images.

I have benefited from creating a series of  single subject art images.  I find my drawing skills improve when I repeat a subject several times.  It gives me  an opportunity to develop the subject as I go along and do find the images become more interesting.  Check out these two other desk images by Juriko Kosaka below!


  1. Dana Bryan says:

    Yummm!! I love these drawings. They are beautiful. Especially with the watercolors, it just brings the entire drawing to life. I love it!

  2. Lisa Pickard says:

    I really like the drawing with the laptop and all of the busyness of the desk. These types of drawings can be particularly difficult, because you have to give every little object it’s due attention. I think it is great way to practice and improve ones drawing skills by using our everyday environment as inspiration.

  3. dawnvhenry says:

    I visited Juriko’s site and I really enjoyed the desk series. I love the watercolors and as you described the whimsical flavor the drawings have. This encourages me seeing that art does not have to always have a serious feel or deep meaning, art is what you feel it is. With that said my artistic future seems brighter.

    • drawinghand says:

      I am appreciating your note about taking “art seriously”. I find if I can keep my attitude in the play feelings, my image is more fun and successful. I really like the desk series too.

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