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November 23, 2012
Two-Point Bookshelf Drawing Demonstration
November 29, 2012
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I enjoy challenging myself to visually solve design challenges using my drawing skills.  This challenge was to design a built in cabinet to accommodate a student who needs a place to study, store their books and sleep. My first ideas are shown in the working sketch below. I was thinking about the design as I am doing the drawing.  You will see in the finished drawing above,  that I made several changes and adjustments from the first one.


  1. Melissa Stevens says:

    I thought this drawing was very cool. I love all the detail. I’l fascinated with the use of value and how it gives the shelves depth. Wood panel detail makes a difference, when done well, it adds so much character to the drawing.

  2. Taylor LaMendola says:

    I love this post. Built in beds have always been something that I would love to incorporate in one of my designs one day! I love the fact that there is so much storage in the design both hidden and in the open.

  3. Lindsey Carter says:

    Great post! This is a great example of the similar idea of bubble diagrams/pre-sketching before a final floor plan. It’s cool to see this idea transfer also to interior rendering.

  4. Adriana Johnson says:

    I think dorm rooms should be equipped with storage like this. The ones that I’ve seen are small with only a tiny closet for two or three students. I think this would add more space for such a small room.

  5. Kat Edwards says:

    I really like this idea. Also, it was interesting to see the change from idea to actual drawing. I love that it is easy to change things when designing.

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