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June 8, 2013
Marker Rendered Floor Plans
June 17, 2013
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IMG_0930Here is a video demonstration rendering an interior space with markers.  I practiced first to select the color markers and used a subtle color palette close to analogous scheme. This included yellow & green hues, cool and warm grey, brown with accents of brick red and orange. The video begins with the image above showing the line drawing and how I start the rendering process.  Below is the finished image.

Sofa 1 RenderingThe video is 7 minutes long.  The beginning is narrated with information on the process.  The middle shows most of the rendering which is done at a quick speed without any narration.  I comment again toward the end.  You will notice during the demonstration that I render part of each object and then go back into the image to refine them toward the end.  It is best to step back and look at the whole image when finalizing the contrast needed in the value changes. Please provide me with feedback comments on this video.  Is the middle section too fast?  Would it be more effective next time to have the whole video with narration? What can I do next time to improve the learning with the video?  Below the video you will find the line drawing.  You are welcome to download this, print it out and try this yourself.  Go for it!

Here is the line drawing:

Sofa 2  B & W


  1. Sharon Glover says:

    Prof Stephanie, I enjoyed the video – thanks! During the silent portion I was questioning why or how you did different things, but overall, I liked being able to simply watch the process. I wouldn’t change anything.

  2. KnitNell says:

    I enjoyed the video – I thought it was the right length and the section in the centre without narrative was perfect, just the right speed and content. Thank you.

  3. erika miller says:

    I always learn so much better when I have someone visually showing me how to do it. I am able to see how you hold the marker and how to sway your hand to achieve the texture your wanting. love love love!

  4. Taylor LaMendola says:

    This video was so helpful! It’s nice to be able to watch someone else and their process and techniques. Sometimes the easiest way to learn is by watching someone else do it first and then trying your own hand at it. Again, it was a great video and I loved the format!

  5. Marissa Martinie says:

    I loved watching your process! Thank you for the tips! I’m curious, what paper you were rendering on? I also use Chartpak, but find that they bleed on regular computer paper/bond paper. Any tips for that?

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