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July 27, 2015
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September 1, 2015
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Single Sunflower AStarting a new semester at the college begins with tons of time sitting at meetings. Fortunately, I remembered one of my creative strategies.   I had my small sketchbook and a fine line marker.  I was able to use some of my meeting time to sketch. Back at the house color was added to the image with my Copic Markers.

With all the demands in life, carving out quality time to work on your drawing skills can be a challenge. However, I have found a few strategies that help me find the time to practice. Notice the last one worked out great for me this week.  Here are the steps I take that may help you.

Find your creative energy zone. Think about the time of day where you can bring your best creative energy and are not tired. Review your week and note what you have planned during that optimal creative-energy time. Maybe you can alter your schedule to allow for drawing during your most creative part of the day and schedule other activities, like shopping and chores, for times when you are tired.

Make an appointment with yourself. Once you have identified your creative-energy time, write in appointments on your calendar that say “Working on Drawing.” If you block out specific times in your week to draw, you are more likely to actually practice.

Redefine your drawing time. Another helpful tip is to tell people you are “working”.   Unfortunately, our culture respects working more than creating. Therefore, if you present it to others as work they are less likely to try to convince you to do something else. This is especially true with homework.

Keep it manageable. I have found that scheduling each drawing appointment for a half hour to an hour is easier to fit into my schedule. If you schedule three one-hour drawing appointments a week and stick to this for a year, you will have spent 156 hours on drawing.

Fill voids with drawing practice time. If you bring your sketchbook and drawing tools with you, you can find spare moments to practice drawing -in the doctor’s office, riding in the car, sitting in that boring meeting.

What strategies do you use to find time to work on your craft?  What about adding one new strategy to carve out time in your busy day to create or practice?

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  1. Sally says:

    Great result. Nice tips, thanks!

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