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April 19, 2015
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Creative Strategy Lose the Referee

Door 1When you are starting to learn how to draw, it is easy to get stuck by your own expectations. In the beginning, your images may not look like the object, they may be out of proportion, and your drawings may not be as well as another student.   If you are just leaning to draw, it is unreasonable to expect your drawings to be perfect. It is unreasonable for you to expect to be as good as someone who already has some drawing experience. Unreasonable expectations can become a huge obstacle to learning, especially if they are preventing you from moving forward. If you find yourself being too critical, try to image that you are in a kindergarten class learning to draw. When we were children, we had little expectation and therefore we were not afraid to explore. Drawing was fun because we were all artists.

Consider what happens in a playground. The schoolroom door opens and out rush 15 kindergarten students who have been inside sitting at their desks all morning. They scatter through the playground – a couple of students on the swings, a few in the sand box and some going down the slide. Next thing you know, they are spontaneously jumping over to a different area. Are the students learning as they play? Of course they are. Is anyone scoring their play? Does the teacher have a clipboard to note progress on their play with a grade? Is there a referee blowing a whistle? No! This is time to explore, experiment, and enjoy trying new activities.

Allow yourself the freedom to play around with your new drawing skills. Loose the referee as you practice making a line, drawing boxes and adding texture. This attitude of being open and allowing yourself to explore new activities will serve you well as you take on the challenge of learning to draw. Have fun and go play!

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