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December 20, 2012
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Creative Strategy: Life Long Learning

One of my favorite creative strategies is the idea of life long learning.  How great is this concept!  We can spend our whole life learning new skills, exploring ideas and broadening our view point.  Having reached my 50’s this is getting easier.  I am finding that I can ignore the critical opinions of people from my past and bring my life experiences to the process of learning.  I was never considered to be adapted at learning technology.   Now, I continue to challenge myself to learn more about it and use it successfully.  Here is a video I created several years ago about the topic of life long learning.


  1. Sharon Glover says:

    Lifelong learning is exactly why I’m taking your course this semester, Professor Stephanie. When I was a college student the first time around, they referred to students such as myself as SOTA – students over the traditional age. I don’t know if that phrase still exists, but it certainly seems outdated to me now. In addition to following your passion and feeding off of the wisdom gained over many years, I believe that you have the added sense of security in taking chances in your more mature years. You’ve either had the house of your dreams, or you no longer dream of a house. You really do adhere to the saying, “do what you love and the money will follow”. If it doesn’t follow, you find that you didn’t need as much as you thought and you really are content. Looking forward to lots of learning for the rest of my life!

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