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July 30, 2012
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August 4, 2012
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Creative Changes Video

Several years ago I was challenged by my college to create a series of video clips. This one recognizes the importance of being flexible with the development process and outcome of a creative project. This is a creative strategy for moving through the a mistake stumbling block.

A project usually starts with a specific outcome or result in mind.  Often, as you are working on it,  something different happens and it isn’t going in the direction that was planned.  It is natural to put the label “mistake” on this situation and quit.   Instead, a shift can be make by labeling this as “a creative change” which will keep you moving forward.  For me,  it feels like the project is “taking on a life of its’ own”.  What about moving the project in the direction that it is going rather than the planned one?  Is it possible for you be flexible as you go along, adjusting your direction and being open to the final outcome?


  1. dawnvhenry says:

    Freedom of expression… I love that! I am happy to hear there is no right or wrong answer in art and that instead of mistakes they’re creative changes. Thanks Professor Stephanie.

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