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June 3, 2013
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Complimentary Color as Inspiration


How do you find color inspiration for your work?  When creating visual effects with color, do you consider the color harmony or using a color scheme?  Using a complimentary color scheme in your work will create visual contrast, visual drama and excitement.  Here is an image from the  Design Seeds  blog. This blog is full of color inspiration images that show the color palette.

The landscape image above uses a complementary color scheme.  This scheme is made up of two hues which are opposite on the color wheel, blue and orange. Notice the visual drama is emphasized with the focal point having a low percentage of orange hue used against a high percentage of the blue hue.


This interior space was also created using a complimentary color scheme in hues of turquoise and red-orange with white as a neutral.  I discovered this image on Exciting Windows by Kriss Hook blog.

Kriss Hook notes:  “These colors are said to complement one another. When placed next to each other, a phenomenon known as simultaneous contrast occurs, wherein each color makes the other look more vibrant.”  Here again, the color design uses has a low percentage of one hue, red-orange in the accessories against a large percentage of the the other hue, turquoise used in the walls and furniture.  This combination of working with two hues across the color wheel with one have a low percentage of use and the other with a high percentage of use will successfully create images and interior spaces that is visual interesting and exciting.


  1. Lindsay Duttera says:

    It’s ironic the colors chosen to prove the theory of turquoise and orange were the same colors I selected for my wedding. At the time I had not even thought abouut interior design as a profession but I just knew when I saw the colors together, that VOILA, it was harmonizing and spoke to me. Cut to 6 years later and this blog post by Prof Stephanie I am reading in my 2nd interior design class ever. I am excited to learn more of these technical tips of the trade,

    • drawinghand says:

      Fun to hear your story. I think we all have a “feel” for using color and it is exciting to learn more about the science of how color works and why. Prof. Stephanie

  2. Adriana Johnson says:

    I always love these color scheme photos, and to see it as a design is amazing. The colors go so well with each other and compliments them as well. I love that he has a torques chairs matching the paint on the walls, and the orange flowers placed in the two rooms. The white branch stands out as much as the colors in the room.

  3. I agree that the colors compliment each other in a successful manner really drawing the eye to the space. There are several things in this design that catch my interest especially the different hues of the red orange through the accessories which to me provide diversity and still makes the design successful because although you may think red orange to be bright, it truly does not overwhelm the design but enhances it.

  4. Kymber Zipperer says:

    I really love your example of complementary colors, both in nature and decor. The turquoise and red-orange really go great together and are a great example of how “complementary” colors work. I also agree that using a smaller amount of one color can help offset the room so much by creating contrast, but not too much contrast. You don’t want the room to be screaming at you from every direction.

  5. Lindsay Petty says:

    I love bright vibrant colors and especially love them when they are not really supposed to go together. I think the curtain is perfect for the room. It has an obvious pattern that is subtle, but the cream color in it is so important because if it were all orange it would be way to much. The small orange accents around the room are nice and the white bedding, tables and lamps are so important. I feel that if it were any other color it would be way to much.

  6. Elicia Buchanan says:

    I love how simultaneous contrast can bring in two very opposing colors schemes and turn them into something awe inspiring and pleasing to the eye. I designed my bedroom on different hues of blue and teal with various amounts of tan and brown textured items. Such as my blue walls and bedspread to my tan curtains and brown floor rug and throw blanket. Those colors come together nicely in a warm welcoming feeling but they certainly do not express the vibrancy that the teal and orange room depicts above.

  7. Kaylin says:

    Its interesting how we can bring using colors and patterns to such high levels. It can start out as basic as putting and outfit together for the day. Now the same way of thinking can be applied to designing a room

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