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March 9, 2012
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March 15, 2012
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Color Design in Hand Renderings

Interior Impressions – Neil Pearson

Neil Pearson has an exciting website showing his illustrations and renderings.  He uses a line drawing to show the design elements of the space and adds value, color, shade and shadow with marker or watercolor to complete his image.  This rendering shows the color proportion with a large percentage of white, a smaller percentage of a pastel shades of warm yellow, cool grey and brighter greens.  He uses a even smaller percentage of pottery red and just a splash of blue.  The small splash of blue hue add sparkle against the soft yellow and grey.  The image is successful with this combination of color proportion.

In this busy mall rendering, the color palette is dynamic with brighter colors which portrays the feeling of the space.  He creates color rhythm by repeating the people on the stairs and the three trees.  This rhythm pattern assist our eye in moving through the image.

Here is a rendering of an interior space with a large proportion of a neutral hue creating a quiet calm feeling.  The variety of brown tone values are used to define the space.  A strong red hue is used for color emphasis. Interest and excitement is created in this space with a small proportion of bright red against the neutral brown hue.

I wanted to include a quote from his website, “Working closely with the client, architect or designer, Neil produces a wide range of watercolour or marker visuals for planning applications & marketing presentations.”

Pearson has a variety of subjects including cartoon illustrations.  I also find that he is exceptional at finding interesting points of view for his subjects. Check out his website!


  1. Sheila says:

    Neil Pearson’s works are absolutely beautiful. His freelance drawings and illustrations are something to enjoy. I found it interesting that he started as a graphic designer and now he travels all over the world doing his amazing works for architects and designers. I wonder how much he had to practice to become as good as he is. Very interesting work.

  2. R. Craig Walker says:

    i found it interesting how Neil achieved desired effects, such as causing the skylights to appear as glass by giving the sky, when viewed through them, a washed consistency. Likewise, one is made to imagine the “feel” of the chair cover material simply by the blue color he used for them. The slick aluminum surface of the ceiling material looks as though it’s just been cleaned. The identical wall windows provide balance and continuity by their matching configuration of window panes and they also lend justification to the roof windows. The shading shown on the posts and the bricks is perfect, and the two shrubberies just beyond the posts assist in drawing one’s vision to the trees in the background, the depths of which are portrayed by varying shades of green. This is a fantastic, well-done drawing, illustrated close enough to perfection.

    • drawinghand says:

      Craig – I appreciate your observations about the effects that Neil is able to achieve as an artist and illustrator. Thank you for taking the time to post this. Prof. Stephanie

  3. Marina Marjanovic says:

    In the third picture, the floors and tables really do look like they have just been polished. Very amazing skills he has. I suppose his background as a graphic designer helped him more than he knows. Or, maybe he does know. I am amazed at the detail he put into his work, making it seem effortless at the same time.

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