Teaching gives me the opportunity to share drawing techniques and creative encouragement with students. I continue to build and develop drawing activities based on student needs and enjoy helping them practice and progress through the learning process to render drawings that represent their unique visual expressions.

My best skill as a teacher is to present and describe a technique, then demonstrate that technique clearly enough that students at any level can make it their own. I include positive feedback on the student’s progress, successful tips for working through stumbling blocks and methods for using photographs as a point of departure.

FSCJ Professor

As a fulltime professor in the interior design technology department at Florida State College of Jacksonville, I have developed distance learning courses in hand sketching, perspective drawing and color rendering with markers. Students quickly recognize that drawing is a learned skill that will improve with practice. I encourage all students to set aside their inner critics and rise to the challenge of learning to draw, one step at a time.

Online Tutoring

With the ease of digital technology, I am able to offer one-on-one tutoring at an international level. The combination of real time video tools for class lessons and personal feedback on homework assignments, helps students gain new skills in drawing and marker rendering.

Continuing Education (CEU) Sketch

This course, Sketching For Design Solutions fulfills the requirements 0.2 CEUs subject codes Contract Drawing and Business & Professional Practices. Professional interior designer hone their ability to show design solutions using quick field sketches in one-point perspective. Participants sketch along with the step-by-step instructions. Demonstrations include techniques for setting up an interior space with a grid and adding architectural features, cabinetry and furniture to a residential interior space image.

Copic Marker Workshops

In these workshops students learn how to use copic markers to elaborate a line drawing with the addition of color and texture. Unlike working with paints, there is no prep or clean up time involved, and the marker technique allows students to work quickly to achieve a more in depth rendering.

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