July 18, 2013

Drawing Plant Video Demonstration

Want to learn more about drawing realistic plans?  Check out this 7 minute video with step by step instruction to draw the image below. Grab your […]
May 22, 2013

Interior Fabric Rendering with Line

Adding pattern to furniture is part of creating interesting perspective drawings of interior spaces.  When selecting patterns, plan to choose a variety of them such as […]
May 10, 2013

Hand drawing is coming back!

Here is an image from a publication called Architects’ Sketchbooks,  text by Will Jones and forward by Narinder Sagoo that I found on artbook.com. You know […]
May 6, 2013

Hand Drawn Nature Coloring Pages

It was great fun designing and drawing these coloring pages for Florida State College at Jacksonville, South Campus nature project.  I got a call from my […]
April 8, 2013

Paul Heaston Line Drawings

Wow!  Paul Heaston is an awesome illustrator and artist.  I am so mesmerized by his style and his line drawing technique is amazing. The point of […]
April 1, 2013

My Drawing Hero Gabriel Campanario

Look what I found!  An article on my drawing hero, Gabriel Campanario, The Seattle Sketcher.   He is an illustrator and journalist for the The Seattle […]
February 28, 2013

Line Drawing with a Variety of Texture and Pattern

Part of the challenge of drawing an image in black and white is to capture the viewers interest.  One of techniques that you can use is […]
February 18, 2013

The Hike Guy – Kolby Kirk

Wow, Kolby Kirk keeps an awesome travel journal with amazing drawings from his hiking adventures.  The Hike Guy has wonderful drawings of his hiking trips on […]
February 11, 2013

Hand Drawings by Rik Reimert

Wow, here is an accomplished artist who is a master at using the design element of line to create his images!  Rik Reimert is a Dutch […]
February 4, 2013

Steps to drawing a Pitcher

When drawing a three dimensional object like this pitcher, value and texture are used to depict the visual qualities of surface and volume. The finished drawing […]
January 7, 2013

Line Drawings of Historic Jacksonville Florida Doors

In 2011 I was inspired to draw a series of local historic doors.  This included fire stations, homes and buildings in downtown Jacksonville.  These are two […]
December 30, 2012

Kayak Trip Drawings

Had an opportunity to travel to Canada for a primitive camping kayak trip several years ago. We were off the coast of Vancouver Island, part of […]
December 17, 2012

Creative Strategy: Lose the Referee

When I first started to learn to draw, it was easy to get discouraged because my  drawings did not meet my expectations. They often look discombobulated […]
December 10, 2012

Drawing Leaves for Plants

One of the fun parts of drawing plants is to identify the distinct leaf shape and characteristic.  These characteristics include their shape, the veins, value on […]
December 6, 2012

Frank Ching as a Hand Drawing Expert and Author

Francis D.K. Ching is an incredible artist and author of the best architectural drawing drawing books.  He also has a wonderful blog called:  Seeing. Thinking. Drawing, […]
November 29, 2012

Two-Point Bookshelf Drawing Demonstration

The best way to successfully draw furniture in perspective is to see each component drawn step by step.  Here Two-point perspective demonstration video of drawing a […]
November 12, 2012

Types of Sketches & Drawings

I just found a fun post on  idsketching.com, that identifies the different types of sketching and drawing.  The sketch on the left represents personal communication.  Often […]
October 30, 2012

Dividing the Box Shape to Find Proportion

How can you hand draw the correct proportion of a graphic design?  This noodle box drawing started with light guide lines creating a grid to determine […]
October 22, 2012

Sergio Rodrigues as an Inspiration

Sergio Rodrigues is a iconic Brazilian architect, interior designer and furniture designer.  I started learning about him when I found this delightful hand drawing of his […]
October 15, 2012

Rebecca Finds Time to Sketch

Finding time to practice your hand drawing skills is always a challenge.  Here are four of Rebecca J Stahr’s  sketches from her blog site.  It look […]
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