Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher Illustration
December 6, 2017
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January 15, 2018
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Here are two more bird illustrations that are part of my new series of birds that live around me.  The top one is a female Cardinal. These are popular birds that are often seen at bird feeders eating seeds. With these drawings, my goal is to draw the bird realistically, to show their unique characteristic, coloring and flavor.  This gives me an opportunity to develop a closer relationship with each individual bird and to get to know the bird more deeply. I use photographs of each type of bird for visual references. I start the illustration with a pencil drawing, which allows me to refine the drawing before I add fine line marker.  The color is added with Copic Markers.

The last bird of the three that are frame together is an Ovenbird which is a ground-walking species in the warble family and is common in deciduous woods. 


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