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April 18, 2014
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May 6, 2014
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wk 3 Pie AI have started to challenge myself to draw sketches during the week to capture memories and have fun.  I am inspired by my participation in a six week online class with Danny Gregory, Koosje Koene and four other teachers from  Sketchbook Skool.  This is a great experience for me, really expanding my drawing expression, use of color and ideas for using different mediums.  Yea!

Above is the three berry pie that I made while visiting my sister and her family over the holiday weekend.  It is great to  think about the  experience of making the pie as I am drawing and adding color to the image.  Below is a magnolia branch I found on one of our walks. I start these in my sketchbook starting with a light pencil drawing, use a drawing marker for the outline and add color with Copic markers.

wk 3 Magnolia 3



  1. KnitNell says:

    HI – I am also doing the course and really enjoying it. I haven’t noticed your name but there are so many of us and it is difficult to find time to look at everyone’s work and comments (as excellent as they all are) plus do the sketches (a few disasters while trying something completely different!) and work etc. I love the sketches above – is that a Jane La F inspired border on the magnolia branch?

    • drawinghand says:

      So great to get your note. Glad to know that you are taking the course too. Yes, I actually use borders on my doodling, sketching, and art work not on my design drawing images.
      I really enjoy Jane’s teachings. I use the same steps with pencil and then ink. I am working to add color and appreciate seeing how she is doing this.
      It is tricky to fit in the work and my regular life. I am adding more sketching to me week, not everyday and yet more than I was before.
      Always enjoy your comments and likes on my blog. Take care – Stephanie

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