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March 5, 2014
Sofa Marker Rendering with Copic Markers
March 20, 2014
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Architectural Line Drawings by T-Soup Design Studio

draw1What a great line drawing of a residential home. This is from the T-Soup design studio.  The design features are illustrated using a contrast of the dark windows and roof line against the light value of the house. Notice in the sky area above the house there is an addition of a very light value that frames the house image.

Tsoup (T-Soup) is a registered professional rendering, illustration and architectural design studio. They work for a variety of clients and produce work in a wide range of mediums and styles with their office in Newark, New Jersey.  Tim Sullivan is principal of the group.  Below is a hand sketched one-point perspective porch design also found on their website.  This drawing gives us a feel for the space and I find the plants to be a  great addition to the image. Take time to view other illustrations and designs by visiting their website.


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