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May 1, 2012
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May 6, 2012
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Arbus Magazine for Inspiration

Arbus Magazine is a bi-monthly publication that highlights the arts in our community.  It is described on the website as “North Florida’s only arts and business magazine that contains substance with a cultural twist, and a heart for promoting arts education in the community.”

I am excited about the May/June edition which is featuring architecture and the 100th Anniversary of The Florida Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.   Can’t wait to see the images, learn more about the architecture in my neighborhood and I might be inspired to get my drawing supplies out.

Live in Jacksonville? Pick up a free copy at a local restaurant, museum or gallery.  You can also learn more about this wonderful publication on the website and be inspired!  Arbus Magazine.


  1. R. Craig Walker says:

    Hey, Prof Sipp, this is Craig Walker…I was doing some sketching in April and May, but I had a knee replacement and during recuperation had an accident which left me with double vision—I’ve followed yours, though, and when my sight improves I will draw some more. I am able to see singular and read while wearing an eye patch, but sketching has yet to come. I like your downtown sketch— looks like it could be a challenge. See you later!

    • drawinghand says:

      Hello Craig, great to hear from you. Wow, sorry about your health situation. You are amazing the way you meet these challenges. Glad you appreciated the urban sketch. Keep me posted with your sketching – Prof. Stephanie

  2. R. Craig Walker says:

    Prof Sipp: the skyward reaching, sharp, steep gables of the structure featured on Arbus magazine was quite daring to design and even more daring to build, take it from one who once framed similar structures for a living—some were similar to this, but none were quite this wild!

    • drawinghand says:

      Hello Craig – I appreciate your comment about the challenges of building one of the structures in the Arbus Magazine. I don’t always think about that aspect and am glad to be reminded of this. Prof. Stephanie

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