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February 16, 2014
Architectural Line Drawings by T-Soup Design Studio
March 14, 2014
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6 Sofa patternHere is an illustration of a one-point perspective sofa demonstrating steps for adding a fabric that has a horizontal and vertical pattern.  Before drawing the pattern, it is helpful to draw a grid in perspective to use as a visual guide.  The grid is added by drawing vertical guidelines that are equidistant apart from the top to the bottom of the seat back.  In a one-point perspective the flat front of the furniture piece is an elevation which is measurable. Next, at the point where the pattern guideline meets the seat pillow, add perspective guidelines, using the single vanishing point drawing the angled lines.  Where these guidelines meet the end of the seat pillow, draw vertical lines on the flat front.  Estimate the horizontal lines of the grid.  Now you can draw the fabric pattern in perspective using the grid as a visual guide.  Below is the finished image with the sofa.  Notice the next image below shows each of the patterns and textures that were included in this finished drawing.

Sofa Texture Boarder4 Pattern sofa


  1. Jennifer Tarrant says:

    Hi Stephanie-
    Greetings from a former student (2006) of FCCJ. Stumbled upon your site while researching how to render textures. I’m finishing my BA at The Art Institute Online since we still move every couple of years (military). Your drawings are really helpful! Hope to see you around Jax when we retire in a few years.
    Jennifer Holladay Tarrant

    • drawinghand says:

      Hello Jennifer, Great to hear from you, thank you for taking time to write me a note. Glad to hear you are finishing up your degree, this is cool. Good that my drawings have been helpful.
      Take care – happy drawing – Stephanie

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