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Stephanie has created and taught art and design for more than 25 years. A native of New York, she received a Masters of Science in Interior Design degree from Florida State University in 1982. Stephanie lived and worked in Jacksonville, FL for many years, before relocating to Black Mountain, NC in 2016.

Stephanie currently serves as a professor in the Interior Design Technology department at Florida State College of Jacksonville. She specializes in distant learning and teaches several courses online. Her expertise includes hand sketching, perspective drawing and color rendering with markers. Stephanie appreciates the importance of step-by-step instruction, even in the field of art and design. Because of this, she is able to help her students meet the challenge of learning to draw despite what they may think of their creative ability.


Life presents herself as a kinesthetic and visual experience for me. Through this lens, I first explore and observe my surroundings each day. It then flows in natural sequence that I draw, create art, design, teach and mentor others. To see and notice are essential aspects of drawing, which in itself involves movement—of eye and hand, body and imagination. The bonus is tangible—an illustration or piece of art. Whenever I can share my art with others, we invite the possibility of a special lifetime connection.

My life story and art story are inextricably woven together. As a young person, I never fit in with the artist crowd or knew that art could be a viable part of my life. When I entered grad school, I could not have predicted that the interior design field would open the door for me to be creative, use color and work with people. For the next decade, I used my visual design skills to help clients organize their spaces and selecting a color palette. This work expanded my knowledge of design and color theory.

As manager of an art supply store, I discovered my passion for creating art. I played with all the materials, from acrylic and oil paints to paper collage and had a grand time. I took art courses, became involved in the art community and began to see my work in galleries and art shows.

As a professor in the Interior Design department at Florida State College at Jacksonville, and in tutoring and mentoring art students, I have the joy of guiding students through their own visual expression. Teaching and mentoring is a deeply rewarding process, in part because creativity and art are so deeply personal. They are also a way to pass on to the next generation the value of seeing the world through an artist’s eyes.


I welcome opportunities to work with clients to create unique commissioned illustrations. Whether a book cover or other print publication, a marketing tool or a professional graphic, my commissioned work is always a collaborative effort. Recent illustrations have appeared in:

The Laurel of Asheville

The Arts and Culture of Communities Across the Mountains

Plough to Pantry

Farm-to-Table Living in the Mountains and the Foothills

Art On Display

Showing Art:

Stephanie has explored many art mediums including: watercolors, acrylics, collage, and marker. She has shown her artwork throughout her career in:

Southeastern Wildlife Exposition, Thomasville Georgia,

The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens, Garden Week Art Exhibit, Jacksonville, Florida

Reddi-Arts Gallery, Jacksonville, Florida

Swannanoa Valley Fine Arts League, Black Mountain North Carolina

Art & Healing . . .

Cummer Mural

Stephanie partnered with Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens to bring the Cummer gardens to the Alzheimer Unit of St. Catherine Laboure Manner in Jacksonville Florida. The long-term nursing home in Riverside started a mural project a year ago with help from the Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens in the hope that art would create a healing atmosphere."It's about the importance of art in our lives," Sipp said. "Art isn't just about being in a museum. People walk into this unit and become emotionally engaged." Florida Times Union article.

The unit's walls are covered in images of green, leafy trees, snaking vines and a fountain from the Cummer gardens. Outside each resident's room is an individualized, homey touch, such as an architectural border or a perching bird. Though it is hard to quantify the impact of art on healing, staff members at St. Catherine said they have already seen some positive results with the Alzheimer residents. The art benefits more than just the patients. One family member wrote a glowing letter of support for the project to try to secure additional funding to finish the last two hallways.

The Art of Hospice Care

Sipp is one of nine area artists in "The Art of Hospice Care" at the Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens. The exhibit celebrates the 25th anniversary of Community Hospice of Northeast Florida and will hang in the Art Connections section of the museum through December. A special cafe night highlighting the works will be held Thursday at the museum.

Stephanie Sipp used birds in her paintings that “represent that easy flow of life and death.” We tend not to embrace death.

"We tend to not embrace it," she said. "The birds represent that easy flow of life and death."

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